Home Health Care Options are Increasingly Accessible to More People Thanks to Technology

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home health care options

  John Olajide, founder and CEO of Dallas-based Axxess, the leading home health care technology company in North America, has a vision of making quality home health care options accessible to people all over the world. This vision is integrated into everything John does and shapes the corporate culture of Axxess. In addition, John serves as chair of the board … Read More

Innovative Technology Helps Maintain Senior Independence and Privacy

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HomeEXCEPT, Inc. Episode 22

The idea of having some type of monitoring system in the home of older adults has been around for decades. And while there are options available, many bring with them privacy concerns, as well as resistance from seniors both in feeling they are “being watched” and hesitancy to wear any type of monitor. Understanding these hurdles, John Robertson, founder and … Read More

Nutritional Meals For Improved Senior Health and Wellbeing

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Meals On Wheels America Episode 21

Ellie Hollander is the President and CEO of Meals on Wheels America and has been a long-time advocate for the health and wellness of vulnerable seniors throughout her career. One of the most fundamental needs is helping to ensure seniors receive proper nutrition. According to Hollander, research has shown that people who are malnourished age 14 years more than their … Read More

Innovative, Comprehensive Care Model Allows Seniors to Remain At Home

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Seniors to remain at home

As those in the home healthcare industry know, the elder population is growing exponentially, as is their need for care. One of the more innovative programs available to help seniors age in place, Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly,  has actually been around for more than 50 years. Shawn Bloom, President and CEO of the national PACE Association, talks … Read More

Home Care Changes and Opportunities for Industry Growth

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home care changes

Paul Kusserow, President and Chief Executive Officer for Amedisys, the largest independent provider of home health, hospice and personal care services in the United States, recognizes the growing pains and opportunities for industry growth associated with home care changes. In this Help Choose Home podcast, Kusserow highlights two changes in the home health industry: one, the introduction of patient data … Read More

Home Care And Successful Care Transitions

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care transitions

In this episode of Help Choose Home, we’ll hear from Jamie Summerfelt, M.Ed, MSPT, president and CEO of Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) in Omaha, Nebraska. With more than 28 years of healthcare at home experience, Summerfelt is passionate about home care. Harnessing the power of community relationships is something that he sees as integral to the success of extending the capacity … Read More

A Longitudinal Approach to Care at Home for Seniors

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care at home for seniors

If there is one thing Joel Theisen, BSN, RN is passionate about, it’s developing proactive, preventative long-term care for older adults. Theisen is chief executive officer and founder of Lifesprk, an innovative home care company based in Minnesota that is focused on bringing Theisen’s passion to life. According to Theisen, home care and health care in general have traditionally been … Read More

Data As A Predictor For Effective Home Health Care

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Effective home health care

Luke James is the chief strategy officer of home health and hospice at Encompass Health. With more than 15 years in the home care industry, James has seen the financial benefits of delivering quality heath care at home, and today, he notes the tremendous benefits home care and health care data have in helping improve the delivery of care and … Read More

Utilizing Big Data to Improve Home Health Care Patient Outcomes

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home health

Every day, companies and organizations generate copious amounts of data. “Big data” though isn’t so much about the amount of data generated, but rather, what a company or organization does with the data. In analyzing data, businesses can use those insights to save money, to target marketing and advertising dollars, or, in the case of home health care, to better … Read More

The Growing Impact and Value of Home Care

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value of home care

Like many people in the field of home health, Peter Ross had a personal experience that piqued his interest and moved him into the industry. In 2002 Senior Helpers was born out of Ross’ experience with his mother. Combining his personal experience with his professional sales and marketing background, Ross has built a home care business that is focused on … Read More