The Need for Geriatric Consult and Planning

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Get advice from a geriatrician says Dr Landers

Dr. Steven Landers, a certified family doctor and geriatrician, is currently President and CEO of the Visiting Nurse Association Health Group, Inc., the nation’s second-largest not-for-profit home health care organization servicing New Jersey and Ohio. Dr. Landers is a graduate of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health. … Read More

Technology to Assist with Aging in Place

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Technology to age in place helps when choosing in-home care

Laurie M. Orlov, a tech industry veteran, writer, speaker and elder care advocate, is the founder of Aging in Place Technology Watch which provides market research that provides thought leadership, analysis, and guidance about technologies and services that enable boomers and seniors to remain longer in their home of choice. In addition to her technology background and years as a technology industry analyst, Laurie has served … Read More

Part 2 of 2: Accountable Care and Quality In Home Health Care

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Arnie Cisneros discusses quality

This is the second part of a 2-part series with Arnie Cisneros, President of Home Health Strategic Management. Our discussion covers many areas that affect quality in home health care. Arnie’s primary focus now is on quality, and he was instrumental in spearheading one of the nation’s first Accountable Care Organizations in an era when the government is looking to lower … Read More

Part 1 of 2: Accountable Care and Quality in Home Health Care

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Arnie Cisneros, quality initiatives, and accountable care

Arnie Cisneros, President of Home Health Strategic Management, is our guest today on Help Choose Home. Arnie has been involved in home care, as a Physical Therapist and consultant for over 30 years. His primary focus now is on quality, and he was instrumental in spearheading one of the nation’s first Accountable Care Organizations in an era when the government … Read More

The Benefits of Home Care

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Peter Sosnow, Humana at Home, Integration Leader

Peter Sosnow, Integration Leader at Humana at Home. Peter was literally born into a home care family as his father, Larry Sosnow started Patient Care in New York and New Jersey several decades ago. He has been on the care managed side of home care with Senior Bridge and now is at Humana at Home helping change how the world … Read More

Making Choices About Home Care

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Jeannee Parker Martin, President and CEO of Leading Age California, and a long time industry leader as an equity partner is The Corridor Group for over 25 years. Martin has a masters in public health from Yale University and is considered one of the thought leaders in the healthcare at home industry. Listen to the full Help Choose Home podcast … Read More

Accreditation in the Home Care Industry

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ACHC accreditation helps consumers know quality

Join Matt Hughes, Vice President of Business Development for the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) as he discusses the role that accreditation plays in the industry and how that affects consumers who are looking to choose home care. ACHC is a nonprofit accreditation organization that has stood as a symbol of quality and excellence since 1986. ACHC has CMS … Read More

Geriatric Care Management

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Aging Life Care specialist gives advice to consumers

In this podcast episode of Help Choose Home, host, marketing for home care expert Merrily Orsini of corecubed, interviews author and senior care options expert Cathy Cress, MSW, who shares the best ways to help an aging parent determine care needs. Listen to the full Help Choose Home podcast with Cathy Cress here, or by searching for “Help Choose Home” … Read More

Regulations that Affect Home Care

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David Totaro, Chief of Government Affairs for BAYADA Home Health Care, explains the policy decisions that impact home health care options on this podcast episode of Help Choose Home hosted by home care marketing firm, corecubed’s, Merrily Orsini. Listen to the full Help Choose Home podcast with David Totaro here, or by searching for “Help Choose Home” on iTunes, Google, … Read More

The Value of Home Care

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In an acute setting, hospital personnel have historically been trained to focus on medical priorities –the diagnosis, treatment, and the nuts and bolts of health care. Dr. Warren Herbert, CEO of the Homecare Association of Louisiana, explains how home care, on the other hand, seeks to assess the health and social situation of an older adult by allowing caregivers and … Read More

Home Care for Consumers

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Jennifer Gibson, RN, HCS-D, COS-C, is currently the Senior Clinical Specialist at Axxess in Dallas, TX, but prior to this, much of her career was spent as a home health nurse. She cites the experience of watching a large, extended family care for her grandmother as an event that influenced her decision to enter the home health arena, seeing first-hand … Read More

Switching From Bricks and Mortar to Care at Home

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Deborah Hoyt, president and CEO of the Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home, explains the economic value of home care, as well as the other benefits care at home provides. She explains why she is advocating for those enteringhealth care as a career to consider working in the home care field. Listen to the full Help Choose Home podcast with … Read More

Considering In-Home Care for Older Adults

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The elder care industry continues to grow and change to meet the needs of our older population, many of whom wish to age or recover following a hospitalization in familiar surroundings. In-home care for aging adults is a readily available, convenient, and affordable option. And thanks to technology, in-home care can now easily be monitored, providing health care providers with … Read More

Quality Home Care Makes a Difference in the Care of Senior Loved Ones

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In the first episode of the Help Choose Home podcast, Shiela McMackin explains that years ago, when senior loved ones needed care, there were few choices and quality home care was oftentimes not one of them. Nursing homes or family members typically pieced together a plan based on necessity. At this time, care management and home care were in their … Read More

The Case for Care in the Home

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The Case For Care In The Home Care in the home is the most preferred, comfortable and economical way for people to receive quality care to heal and/or maintain healthy, active lifestyles in the most familiar environment. Individuals with acute or chronic needs may receive skilled nursing care and therapy, those with terminal illness can receive hospice and palliative care, … Read More

Home Care Can Make a Difference for Families

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How Home Care Services Can Make a Difference for Any Family Many families take it upon themselves to provide care for aging and frail loved ones. Whether it’s a child, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin parent or spouse, there are many aspects of providing care that can be challenging for family members. Home care services can not only help by providing … Read More

The Myths of Home Care

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5 Common Myths About Home Care Services Families who have loved ones requiring help with daily tasks in the home often recognize home care services as essential. But having an unfamiliar face taking care of loved ones or being in their home is still a big concern for some family caregivers. Explore the most common myths about home care services … Read More

Benefits of Home Care

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The Benefits of Home Care Not only has technology enabled us to live longer, healthier lives, but when illness strikes technological advances have provided us with more care options. When an illness or medical condition requires care, most individuals prefer to receive that care – when possible – in the place they call home. In-home care offers convenient access to … Read More