Utilizing Big Data to Improve Home Health Care Patient Outcomes

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Every day, companies and organizations generate copious amounts of data. “Big data” though isn’t so much about the amount of data generated, but rather, what a company or organization does with the data. In analyzing data, businesses can use those insights to save money, to target marketing and advertising dollars, or, in the case of home health care, to better … Read More

Improving Communication in Home Care Transitions

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home care transitions

In the health care industry, communication is vitally important, not only in providing specifics about a patient’s condition, but also in detailing the type of care needed after a stay in the hospital. In this episode of Help Choose Home, Dr. Christine D. Jones, an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado, Denver and the Director of Care … Read More

The Growing Impact and Value of Home Care

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value of home care

Like many people in the field of home health, Peter Ross had a personal experience that piqued his interest and moved him into the industry. In 2002 Senior Helpers was born out of Ross’ experience with his mother. Combining his personal experience with his professional sales and marketing background, Ross has built a home care business that is focused on … Read More

Start the Conversation About End of Life Care

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conversation about end of life care

Hospice and palliative care can be care services that even those in the medical community are not fully comfortable talking about. Holly Chaffee, RN, BSN, MSN, President and CEO of VNA Care, hopes that the work she does serving more than 50,000 patients a year in Massachusetts with home health, palliative and hospice services, can move to change that reality. … Read More

Using Research And Data In Home Health Care

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data in home health care

  It’s no secret that research drives innovation and change. While the home health care industry has been somewhat lacking in having solid, grounded research, Jennifer Schiller, Director of Policy, Communications and Research, and others at the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation (AHHQI) have set out to increase the amount of research that informs the industry by becoming … Read More

Education and Advocacy for Home Healthcare

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home healthcare

  Educating referral sources and payers on the benefits of home healthcare is an ongoing task. While there is broad awareness about home health generally, the industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs of clients, utilizing new technologies and techniques to deliver more specialized care in the home. For people like Joanne Cunningham, executive director of the Partnership for … Read More

Help at Home Is a Viable Solution to Hospital Readmission and ED Visit Reduction

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solution to hospital readmission

  If there were a way to reduce re-hospitalizations for seniors and cut down on emergency department (ED) visits by people with chronic health conditions, would you want to know what it is? According to Tracy Clark, chief operating officer at Interim Healthcare, the answer is professional help at home. By engaging home care and educating the medical industry about … Read More

Using Time During the Holidays to Evaluate the Need for Home Care

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Choosing home care during the holidays

  As we enter the holiday season, families will have the opportunity to spend concentrated time visiting aging loved ones. While of course providing the backdrop for quality time together, the holidays also are the prime time to assess how seniors are doing and to evaluate the need for home care. In this Help Choose Home podcast, Merrily Orsini, home … Read More

Celebrating Home Care & Hospice Month

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November is Home Care & Hospice Month In the home care community, November is dedicated to honoring those professionals that provide senior care assistance. These nurses, home care aides, therapists, and social workers take active roles in making a difference for those they care for and the families around them. “Home care and hospice nurses, therapists, aides, and other providers … Read More

Hospice Makes a Difference for Families Facing a Life-Limiting Illness

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Brent Korte, Help Choose Home interview

Caring for a loved one and helping that individual age in place, in the comfort of his or her own home, is a gift. But caregiving can also be emotionally and physically draining, especially when a loved one is facing end of life issues. According to Brent Korte, Executive Director of EvergreenHealth HomeCare, choosing hospice care for a loved one … Read More

What to Consider When Choosing End of Life Care

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Choosing End of Life Care

In this episode of Help Choose Home, Merrily Orsini interviews Katie Wehri, CHC, CHPC, Director of Regulatory Affairs for the National Association for Home Care and Hospice. When it comes to choosing end of life care, families want quality care that addresses the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of an individual with a life-limiting illness. Imagine that this care could … Read More

Hospice Provides Care for Families and their Loved Ones

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Hospice Provides Care

The Help Choose Home podcast series provides information on home care options. This episode features Theresa Schmidt, speaking about benefits of hospice care. The series is hosted by Merrily Orsini, president and CEO of corecubed, who leads a team of industry experts providing elder care marketing solutions to home care agencies. Listen to the full Help Choose Home podcast with … Read More

Family Caregivers and Professional Caregivers Unite

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Help Choose Home episode 21

As the editor-in-chief of Today’s Caregiver magazine, Gary Barg utilizes his magazine, Caregiving.com, and the Fearless Caregiver conferences, as platforms to provide support and guidance through the shared experience of caregiving. Barg likens the family caregiver to a CEO. In applying a business term to describe a family caregiver, the complexity of his or her role instantly becomes obvious. To … Read More

Factors to Look for When Selecting Professional Home Care Services

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help choose home episode 20

In this episode of Help Choose Home, Merrily Orsini talks with Katie Roper, CEO of Catenary Consulting and home care industry expert. Roper discusses the specifics to look for when selecting professional home care services for your senior loved one and the importance of being informed. Listen to the full Help Choose Home podcast with Katie Roper here, or by … Read More

The Need for Low-Cost, High-Value Home Care Services

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Podcast 19 covers studies at Harvard Medical School

Allen Hager, Executive Chairman of Risemark, founded one of the largest franchise platforms in the industry, which you may know as Right at Home. Risemark consists of three wholly owned subsidiaries including Right at Home, Right at Home International, and IKOR that serve more than 500 territories globally. Allen Hager has a perspective on the healthcare at home industry that … Read More

Access to Home Care

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Joanne Cunningham, Pres/CEO of the Home CAre Association of New York State

Joanne Cunningham, President/CEO, Home Care Association of New York State for 11 years now, is leading her state’s home health agencies to advance home and community-based services and promote high-quality care in the home. She also always looks for ways to expand opportunities for the home care provider community. She is very active and engaged in policy and advocacy for … Read More

Home Care and Population Health

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Matt Hansen, DPT, has experience in healthcare at home that translates into helping clients achieve success.

Matt Hansen, who has a doctorate in physical therapy and serves as General Manager for Homespire, a new Intermountain Healthcare Company based in Utah, is our guest today. Matt’s passion is in population health in addition to his provision of skilled Lifecare Management and Personal Skill services in the home. Matt Hansen uses his personal insights, education, and training to … Read More