Quality Home Care Makes a Difference in the Care of Senior Loved Ones

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In the first episode of the Help Choose Home podcast, Shiela McMackin explains that years ago, when senior loved ones needed care, there were few choices and quality home care was oftentimes not one of them. Nursing homes or family members typically pieced together a plan based on necessity. At this time, care management and home care were in their … Read More

The Case for Care in the Home

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The Case For Care In The Home Care in the home is the most preferred, comfortable and economical way for people to receive quality care to heal and/or maintain healthy, active lifestyles in the most familiar environment. Individuals with acute or chronic needs may receive skilled nursing care and therapy, those with terminal illness can receive hospice and palliative care, … Read More

Home Care Can Make a Difference for Families

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How Home Care Services Can Make a Difference for Any Family Many families take it upon themselves to provide care for aging and frail loved ones. Whether it’s a child, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin parent or spouse, there are many aspects of providing care that can be challenging for family members. Home care services can not only help by providing … Read More

The Myths of Home Care

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5 Common Myths About Home Care Services Families who have loved ones requiring help with daily tasks in the home often recognize home care services as essential. But having an unfamiliar face taking care of loved ones or being in their home is still a big concern for some family caregivers. Explore the most common myths about home care services … Read More

Benefits of Home Care

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The Benefits of Home Care Not only has technology enabled us to live longer, healthier lives, but when illness strikes technological advances have provided us with more care options. When an illness or medical condition requires care, most individuals prefer to receive that care – when possible – in the place they call home. In-home care offers convenient access to … Read More